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Rhine-Main Agglomeration

In the heart of Germany and Europe

The Rhine-Main region is often referred to as the metropolitan region of FrankfurtRhineMain. The region takes its name from the rivers Rhine and Main, which flow through it and represent important traffic arteries. Located in the south of Hesse, the region includes parts of the states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria. A total of around 5.7 million people live in the Rhine-Main region, of whom around 2.2 million live in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main aggomeration. In terms of transport geography, this is the centre of Germany and Europe [1].

The economically and politically most important cities of the metropolitan area are Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Mainz and Darmstadt. Its centre is the city of Frankfurt on the Main showing impressive economic and demographic dynamics. Further urban sub-centers are Ruesselsheim on the Main, Groß-Gerau, Bad Homburg vor der Hoehe, Offenbach on the Main, Hanau, Aschaffenburg, Giessen, Limburg on the Lahn, and Fulda.

Real estate market development

According to Handelsblatt, Frankfurt in particular is showing a sharp rise in rental and purchase prices. The real estate price index of www.wohnungsboerse.net, shows an average price for a residential property in Frankfurt (2018) of 5,891.02 EUR / sqm (Hesse: EUR 3,594.26 / sqm, Germany: EUR 3,484.95 / sqm).

Naturally, the purchase and rental prices in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main depend strongly on the location of a property. In the Main metropolis Frankfurt, the spectrum ranges from neighborhoods like Westend-Sued with an average of 9,700.05 EUR/sqm to more affordable ones like Sossenheim with 2,849.28 EUR / sqm.

In terms of prices, locations like Koenigstein, Kronberg or Bad Homburg are top-ranked. It is often home to higher earners who earn money in the city. In some neighborhoods, the Hochtaunuskreis has the highest per capita income in Germany.

According to the Handelsblatt, Frankfurt is currently ranked #5 among the strongest real estate markets in terms of turnover after Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne.

Traffic and transport

The S-Bahn (city railway) network of the RhineMain agglomeration extends from the area around Wiesbaden and Mainz in the west to Aschaffenburg in the east, and from Friedberg and Bad Nauheim in the north to Darmstadt in the south. It serves approx. 3.4 million inhabitants on an area of 5,500 km².

The Rhine-Main region’s role as a transport and logistics center is, among other things, due to Frankfurt Airport and the central connection to the motorway and railway networks. The Frankfurt junction at the intersection of the federal motorways BAB 5 and BAB 3 as well as important, partly motorway-like federal roads (e.g. B 44) and the Frankfurt main station handle the largest traffic in Europe.

Munich, Hamburg, the Benelux countries, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Berlin are all within easy reach. Other important long-distance railway stations are: Mainz main station, Frankfurt Sued and Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof (Airport Railway Station). The Rhine-Main region has a first-class infrastructure, which also has a positive effect on economic and real estate development.

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1] The information on this page is mainly based on the following source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhein-Main-Gebiet