Passing on real estate knowledge. 

 Passing on real estate knowledge. 

 Welcome to our blog. 

 Welcome to our blog. 

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JEAN LB: Family Business by Tradition

In December 2018 our family business JEAN LB Immobilien opened our new shop under the motto “We will always welcome you with doors wide open”. Our office is located in the traditional Bolongarostraße in the heart of Frankfurt-Hoechst. Why did we choose this location? And where does our name come from? Here is a brief outline of the story of our family business and tradition to which I feel committed as an entrepreneur.

By Tanja Grohmann, owner and managing director of JEAN LB Immobilien

Already in my school days in Hoechst I developed a great affinity and affection for my district with its beautiful half-timbered old town, the castle, the Bolongaropalast and the many beautiful squares. I found it exciting that this place is not only very beautiful but also one of the largest industrial locations in Rhine-Main and Hesse, setting Hoechst apart from other picturesque old towns and making it a buzzing location. It has always been this particular contrast between tradition and future that has been attracting me to my home town.

Going back further in our family history you will find my grandfather, Emil Biedermann, a construction engineer who focused on the renovation and refurbishment of old buildings. He passed on to me his enthusiasm for real estate, in particular the old building stock.

In my family – my husband is also traditionally at home in Hoechst – we often talked about how beautiful our district used to be in the past.

From these conversations arose the idea to contribute our part to the beautification and renewal of Hoechst. Thanks to my more than 17 years of experience in the real estate sector and my love of the place where I grew up and live now, I could start a new, yet traditional business. It builds on the good reputation of my family as well as on the appreciation of the community here in Hoechst.

The first name Jean and the “LB” of our brand name is composed of the first name and initials of my husband’s grandfather’s surname, Jean Leiss, and my maiden name Biedermann. The company Leiss dates back to well before 1900 and existed successfully in Höchst for three generations.

From our history and origins, we also feel particularly connected to all western districts of Frankfurt and the Taunus.

As an expert in the real estate business, Jean LB Immobilien offers you partnership and distinguished expertise and experience in the local, regional, and supra-regional housing market.

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