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Home Staging Frankfurt in cooperation with Maren Kumant

The shortcut to the best possible sale of your property

Home Staging Frankfurt | In certain cases it can be useful to refresh residential properties for sale and to highlight the strengths of the property. Possible reasons are a demanding clientele, heavy wear and tear on the property or the desire to achieve the best possible price on sale within a certain time frame.

© Photos and furniture Maren Kumant

Home staging is the art of presenting a property for sale in a friendly and inviting way. We place great value on authenticity and honesty. We use tasteful furniture, home accessories, textiles and light. We always make sure that every room has a homely function and that everything is colour-coordinated. So it is not a matter of glossing things over, but of ensuring that interested parties feel at home immediately when they visit.

Leave light, air and space for the imagination

Buyers are supported in imagining how they can use and occupy their new home. With this in mind, it is important to us to focus the presentation on the property and the target buyer group. The design will be neutral enough to leave enough light and air for the potential buyers’ own imagination.

Inviting presentation, highlighting strengths

Before and after

© Photos and furniture Maren Kumant

Achieve optimal results, exceed expectations

Home staging with Maren Kumant

How we work

  • Getting to know the property
  • Possible preliminary work such as repairs, painting, basic cleaning, garden maintenance
  • Selection of furniture, lighting, textiles and home accessories
  • Moving the right outfit into the property
  • Promotional institution
  • Create expressive photos and videos for media marketing
  • Removal of home staging equipment after the successful sale by JEAN LB Immobilien

Frequently asked questions and answers about Home Staging

What is Home Staging?

Home staging refers to the professional presentation of rooms for better and faster sales. For this purpose the rooms are prepared, refreshed and equipped with rental furniture and accessories. In addition, daylight and fresh air are used to make interested parties feel at home immediately. The style is as neutral as possible to give free rein to the imagination of the buyer. Important: It is not a matter of whitewashing mistakes, but of highlighting the strengths of a property.

Where does Home Staging come from?

Home staging has existed in the USA since the 1970s. Today, it is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany, after having previously been used mainly in Great Britain and Scandinavia.

What distinguishes Home Staging from interior renovation and interior design?

The spectrum of interior renovations ranges from cosmetic repairs such as painting to more extensive work such as changing the floor plan, drywall construction, renewal of the screed and parquet flooring, plastering of the walls, electrical and sanitary work. In interior design, rooms are adapted to the taste of the new owners or tenants. The measures usually go hand in hand with a renovation or refurbishment. Home staging, on the other hand, merely freshens up the rooms and creates a neutral atmosphere of homeliness. The work can include measures such as clearing out, cleaning, painting on woodchip, setting up rental furniture for the sales period, the use of fabrics, lighting and accessories.

What are the advantages for sellers?

The skilful presentation of the rooms emphasizes the possibilities and advantages of the property. While rooms that have been lived in are a deterrent, clean, fresh and tidy interiors look attractive. Result: the properties are sold faster and at the best possible price. The properties do not remain on the market for too long, thus avoiding the dangers of a shelf-life effect such as price reductions. Objects sell better, easier and more attractive with Home Staging.