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Where History and Future Meet

Located at the mouth of where the rivers Nidda and Main merge into one, Frankfurt-Hoechst as a district is a city of its own. Which it actually was until its incorporation into the City of Frankfurt in 1928. Today, ca. 15,685 people live in this attractive district [1]. Hoechst is about 8.2 kilometers west of the Hauptwache in Frankfurt. The district connects a rich historical heritage with a dynamic economic development. Its historic old town is characterized by heritage-protected half-timbered ancient houses, a town castle and the baroque Bolongaropalast. With approximately 120,000 inhabitants. Hoechst is an important urban sub-center in the Rhine-Main region and the center of the Frankfurt-West district.

The district’s name is known worldwide through Hoechst AG (1863-1999), today known as Industriepark Hoechst which is one of the largest industrial locations in Germany.

Real estate market development

According to the real estate price index of www.wohnungsboerse.net, the average price for a residential property in Höchst is 5,677.19 EUR / sqm – slightly below the Frankfurt average (2018) of 5,891.02 EUR / sqm. By comparison, in Hesse you have to pay 3,594.26 EUR / sqm and in Germany 3,484.95 EUR / sqm. As a real estate location, Hoechst is profiting from the dynamic development of the real estate market in Frankfurt-Rhine-Main.

If you are interested in rent prices in Hoechst and Frankfurt, you will find a current rent index here.

Traffic and transportation

The main traffic axis for car and truck traffic is the A 66 in the section between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. The most important rail connections are the Taunus and Main-Lahn railways.

The Frankfurt-Höchst railway station is located in Hoechst, a district of Frankfurt. With twelve platform tracks, it is the second largest station in Frankfurt on the Main. The Frankfurt-Hoechst station is particularly important in the suburban, suburban and regional areas. In recent years, this station has become the most important public transportation node in Western Frankfurt. Two regional express lines as well as two S-Bahn lines stop at Frankfurt-Höchst station. Passengers can also board the Koenigsteiner Bahn, a private railway that runs from Koenigsstein via Kelkheim to Hoechst. The present building and grounds of the Frankfurt-Hoechst railway station were opened in 1914. A bookstore and a Deutsche Bahn travel centre are available to passengers for information purposes.

There is a discussion underway to extend the tram to Hoechst station, and even further to Sindlingen, which would also have an effect on real estate prices. Buyers in favourable locations can expect an increase in value if development continues to be good.

Both Frankfurt Central Station and Frankfurt Airport can be reached quickly by public transport and by car (depending on traffic situation).

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1] The information on this page is mainly based on the following sources: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt-H%C3%B6chst