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At the top of the Rhein-Main region

Especially the Hochtaunus has a high reputation for being the place-to-be for higher earners and the affluent people. Many inhabitants of top locations like Kronberg, Königstein or Bad Homburg  earn their money in the bank towers of the city, with financial service providers, in the ECB or in other well-paid professions. There are, however, significant differences in purchase prices and rents depending on the location of the property and whether you choose to reside in the Pre-Taunus, High Taunus or Back-Taunus (Hintertaunus) [1].

Due to its prestige as a local recreation area it goes often unnoticed that the Taunus is also a dynamic and strong industrial location.

Many renown German and companies have their headquarters here. Some examples are: the European headquarters of Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls-Royce in Oberursel, or Microsoft in Bad Homburg. Just to name some of many. The region is not only home to renowned brands, it is also a brand itself that stands for an upmarket lifestyle.

Real estate market development

According to Handelsblatt, purchase prices have been sharply rising in recent years. However, there is no longer much room for upward movement in value. In the valuation, the expensive Taunus communities are rated AA – “very good” when it comes to real estate development. According to the Handelsblatt, Frankfurt’s districts such as Westend-Sued, Westend-Nord and Sachsenhausen-Nord are rated AAA.

Renowned Taunus locations often do not offer as much growth potential (e.g. for landlords) as some locations in Frankfurt on the Main. A comparison: in Koenigsstein the rent increase since 2013 has been 6.8 % and in Kronberg 7.7 %. On the other hand, the increase in the same period in Westend-Nord, for example, was 15.1 %. Nevertheless, even if other regions may show a stronger performance, the Taunus and Hochtaunus stand for prestige, quality of life and champagne air at the top of the “roof” of the Rhine-Main metropolitan region.

Traffic and transport

Important east-west road axes are the federal road 455 (Friedberg-Wiesbaden) in the Hintertaunus, the federal road 275, furthermore the federal road 274 leading from the Aartal to the Middle Rhine, as well as the federal road 49 along the Lahn.

Among the German motorways, the BAB 3 runs from north to south through the middle of the Taunus, and the BAB 5 runs east along the Taunus. Both motorways are among the most important north-south expressway connections in Germany. They meet at the Frankfurt intersection south of the Taunus, where they form one of the most important and busiest road junctions in Germany and Europe.

The two most important north-south connections of the railway through the Taunus are the Main-Lahn railway coming from Frankfurt and Wiesbaden and the high-speed line Cologne-Rhine/Main leading parallel to the federal motorway 3.

The Taunus is served by a network of bus lines. With the introduction of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) (Rhine-Main Transport Network), the frequency and timing of the timetables has also improved considerably.

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1] The information on this page is mainly based on the following sources: https://www.capital.de/immobilien-kompass/hochtaunuskreis; https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taunus